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Higher education has been going through a tremendous period of opportunity in France for the past few years, where alliances between institutions and deep structuring of practices seem to sometimes be imposed both from the outside and from within. It would not be possible to create the conditions for this evolution if we wanted, independently of historical mechanisms, to artificially activate the creativity generated by the current context. In recent years, institutions have been undergoing two major movements, one affecting the other in its destiny:

1. a movement of aggregation-growth;
2. a movement of activation-digitalization of practices.

The first one corresponds to what we observe, sometimes, as mergers, or even absorptions, and sometimes, as duplications of sites accompanied by a more or less pronounced search for diversification. With or without economies of scale, driving large projects is no easy task. Higher education institutions are then engaged in experimentation with governance models. For, in aggregation-growth, if the french territorial networking is to succeed, it must also be anchored locally in institutional site policies. The main objective depends on one's own intentions, but the main thing remains in the sustainability of the acquired size, coherence, openness and visibility with other institutions, with institutional institutions and especially with students. Internally, the actors realize that there is no viable similarity of functioning over time, beyond the successive critical sizes. The critical threshold inevitably leads to break in the vision and practice of process management, between the local and the global of an aggregated whole. It must be said, however, that this trend of aggregation-growth is not always marked initially by the necessary and specific breaks in the development of the establishment... 
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